April 1967 - The Iron Acton Women's Institute present

Two One Act Plays

Mrs Methuselah - by Philip Johnson - Directed by Margaret Green

Members of the Jury - by Stuart Ready - Directed by Margaret Green

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The Plays...


How the Actonians Began

This group of Women's Institute ladies, after having produced the plays shown here, at the Iron Acton Village Hall in April 1967, realized it was great fun, so they decided to form a drama group.

They called themselves

'The Actonians'.

Their first play, performed later that same year, was 'Quiet Wedding'.



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Mrs  Methuselah...




Grandma Partington

Miss Wiston

The Mayoress

Mrs Ladslove



Stage Manager




Members of the Jury...

Mary, the maid

Margaret Akers

The Hon Mrs Meadows

Miss Prince

Paula Stebbings

Grace Armitage



Margery Turner

Alice Woolford

Joyce Turner

Miss Wathern

Olvreen Sheppard

Winifred Smith

Mrs Brown



Gerald Green

Gordon Sheppard

Mrs Carter



Gillian Pitt

Nan Buckley

Pearl Burgess

Betty Driver

Olvreen Sheppard

Peggy Thomas


Scene - The living room of a small house

Time - One day in Summer









Scene - Sitting room of Margaret Aker's house

Time - An evening in late Summer