Sometime in the 1940s / 1950s..?


These two pictures have been sent to us by Wayne Weedon.   He writes...


Hello Actonians. I have some pictures from Iron Acton Dramas that seem to perhaps pre-date the official Actonians formation in 1967 according to your website. Please take a look at the pictures from, in my estimation, anywhere between the 1940's and 1950's

My Late Grandmother Sylvia Chamberlain is in both pictures. Front row 3rd from left in both, and I think my Late Grandfather Cyril Rowland is in
both pictures too. Far back and centre in one, and Far right in the other.

Can anyone recognise any other past Iron Acton people?                                                                                                                            Thank you Wayne

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A Nativity - possibly in the school?


Cyril Rowland

Sony Chamberlain, Jinny Williams, -?- , Linda Long, Cora England, Kitty Wathan, Elsie Homes, Violet Brown, Joey Moore

Colin Smith, Alice Rowen, Sylvia Chamberlain, Joyce Turner, -?- , Emily Evans


Names kindly provided by June Broom



1950 - A Concert Party - possibly in an earlier village hall?


Back row not identified

*** -?- , - Milles, Faye? Roden, - Brown, ? Sodbury girl, Grace Seymore, Margaret Alway? Taylor?, - Thomas, Cyril Rowland . ***

-?- , Betty Rowland, Sylvia Chamberlain, Margaret Rowland, Iris Gifford.


[ *** Note: the middle row names are as written, but there are nine names for eight people. *** ]


Names kindly provided by June Broom

Thank you June