Easter Monday, 1882 - At St Peter's Parish Hall, Frampton Cotterell,

The Iron Acton Dramatic Society present...

A Farce

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I came across this article in a Frampton Cotterell Parish Magazine...


Concert.     It is intended to give a Concert followed by a Farce, on Easter Monday. The proceeds will go to the School Funds, and as there is a deficiency this year of nearly 9, we hope it will be well attended.


Kind friends, as usual, have promised their help, and the Farce will be given by the Members of the Iron Acton Dramatic Society. Further particulars will be announced in due course.


 The Magazine is dated April 1882 !


Picture the scene - no electric lighting or gas, people arriving on foot or in a pony and trap, and everyone soaking wet - because the report in the Magazine for May 1882 said that it was a very rainy night, few people attended, and little or nothing was added to the School Funds..!

Can anyone lend them 9?

Not known


Not known