17 - 19 May 2018

Hobson's Choice

by Harold Brighouse

Directed by Andy Fisher

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The synopsis of the play is

In 1880's Salford, prosperous bootmaker Henry Hobson is left a widower with three uppity daughters, two of whom already have beaus they would like to marry, but cannot until they have a dowry, which Henry is too mean to stump up for, and also not until the eldest daughter, Maggie, who is a practical no nonsense woman, who wears the trousers, is promised in marriage. Maggie defies Hobsons wishes and a battle of wits ensues where he stands to lose his customers, his girls and his pride. Ultimately it is Hobson's choice.

The following is a cast list, but bear in mind, all the parts can be played by different ages, as everybody looks younger on stage.

Maggie  Hobson
30 -40. Very sharp witted and not afraid to say what she thinks and wants. Very feisty.

Alice And Vicky Hobson.
20- 30.  Want to get married, both have beaus. Both uppity

Henry Hobson
50 - 60 a tyrannical boozer and skinflint.

William Mossop
30 ish. The bootmaker,  Shy, and mentally stunted, nervous to begin with, later asserts his authority.

Albert Prosser
30 a 40 the beau who likes Alice. The son of a solicitor.

Mrs Hepworth
60ish. She has a curt manner and is very wealthy.

Tubby Wadlow
60ish. A white haired older man who is foreman in making the boots.

Jim Heeler.
50-60. A grocer and Hobsons boon companion.

Ada Figgins
20-30. Will Mossops girlfriend. Weak spirited.

Freddy Beenstock.
30-40. The beau for Vicky Hobson, the son of a respectable tradesman.

Dr. MacFarlane.
50ish   A domineering man. A Scotsman. Andyx  I will

Daughter of Mrs Hepworth.
Young doesn't speak.


 Henry Hobson -

William Mossop -

Maggie Hobson -

Vicky Hobson  -

Alice Hobson -

Ada Figgins -

Mrs Hepworth -

Tubby Wadlow -

Jim Heeler -

Albert Prosser -

Dr. MacFarlane -

Freddy Beenstock -

Mike Schofield


Nick Pearce


Sarah McMahon


Dee Mason


Natasha Forgham


Michelle Lucas


Di Roper-Marshall


Godfrey Laundy


Ray Bulmer


John Blackwood


Richard Stanway


not yet cast




First rehearsal...